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   Daniella Katzir is an accomplished singer-songwriter, born in Israel and grew up soaking in the sounds of the Middle East. As a teenager, Katzir fell in love with the songwriting of Bob Dylan and other traditional American folk artists. This combination of influences colored her musical upbringing, and continues to surface in her singing and writing. 

   After 20 years of playing, Katzir is focused on a blend of claw-hammer and Piedmont style finger-picking, complemented by a variety of vocal approaches from gypsy-jazz inspired blues to Americana folk to East Coast funk and soul. A talented lyricist and musician, Katzir’s rhythmic authority on the guitar is solidified by years playing the drums. She is the former front-woman of the Boulder-based band Magnolia Row, and has shared the stage with many different nationally and internationally touring artists. 

   Katzir currently resides in Denver, immersed in and contributing to the thriving music community. She performs regularly with notable artists in full band formation as "The Daniella Katzir Band" in addition to solo performances.

   When Daniella is not on stage, she can be found teaching the next generation of our best and brightest budding singer-songwriters at the renown Swallow Hill Music School. 


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